Welcome to the forest.

Each March, we bring children and adults back to nature to (re)connect, plant trees, learn and dance under the stars…

Arrive Friday evening, pitch your tent and relax into a chilled night of gentle tunes under the ancient indigenous forest canopy. Enjoy delicious food and meet new friends around the campfire. Awake early on Saturday for an action-packed day of tree-planting and getting your hands dirty; you will help to restore an ecosystem that is one of the rarest and most endangered in the Western Cape. After planting thousands of trees in your teams, return to camp for a good shower, a talent show and forest party for the whole family to celebrate your achievement. Sunday is a day to relax your body and stimulate your mind with fun, educational activities and workshops including guided forest walks, yoga, informative talks, arts and crafts and puppet shows.

The Platbos Forest Reserve is located only 2.5 hours from Cape Town and meals, tents and ablution facilities are all available on site. So, why not unplug join us for a weekend of quality outdoor time with the whole family!

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Adelle Nqeto – South African born and bred singer/songwriter, Adelle’s journey into the music scene began in 2012 as co-founder of the duo Flint, meet Spark. In 2015 she decided to take a leap of faith by embarking on a solo career, taking her set of catchy, hopeful songs to South African festivals and venues. In October 2016 she released her debut single, Make Something Beautiful – a pop-infused melancholic tune about continued hope in-spite the somewhat dire state of the human condition.

Brian Ernst Band – Brian uses guitar sounds/beats with didgeridoo’s and percussive instruments – creating an original upbeat, acoustic soul roots music. His lyrics tell stories from a decade on the road with his wife Katie where they are spreading a message of Ubuntu – a person is a person through other people.

Crosscurrent – The new four piece band Crosscurrent has created a unique African sound to their music. Their first single titled African Stargazer. We will be hearing a lot more from them this year!

DJ Pure – DJ Pure has a love for sharing unique and extraordinary music. Weaving a tapestry of sounds covering tribal and folk influenced chill and dance music.

Bam Bam Brown – Brown has spent the last handful of years honing his craft as both producer and singer-songwriter and has been both at the forefront and foundational end of the exciting Cape Town music scene. While making his first big statements as frontman to local rock scene trailblazers Saintfearless (2009-2012) and Feverstone (2013-2015), Bam Bam also find time to help found his events company handling electronica, and fill in annual solo tours as well where he would find himself strumming, looping, singing and modulating not only soundscapes and song ideas but his own vast, musical story bit by bit.

The Brothers Remedy – Duo from the band Crimson House.


Tree Planting – Help plant 3000 trees!

Body paintingCome and get transformed into a magical creature. [by City Varsity]

Bonfire sessionsFire jamming at the campfire on Friday evening. [by Brian Ernst]

Cooperative games workshopExplore ways to work together in teams, individuals finding their roles within the framework of thinking, caring and noticing others around them. Games suitable for children eight and above. These are great life skills! [by Viv Connell]

Crafting & play stationA designated area for children (or anyone) keen to get crafty and have fun when arriving in the forest. [by Viv Connell]

Earth ChampsNature based club for kids between the ages of 7-12 focusing on sustainability, survivalism and service. A games and activity session for about 2 hours for parents and kids. [by Jade Khoury & Camilla Colley]

Family Yoga (Bea) – Through physically grounding our feet into the fertile soil of mother Africa, we reconnect to our roots and sense of belonging to the universal mother that is our planet. [by Bea – The Shala]

Family Yoga (Lizet)Lizet is a green-thumbed yogi ready to take action and spread the shade and sunshine through Yoga and Planting for healthy connected communities. [by Lizet Verwoerd]

Laughter YogaUsing laughter exercises we flood our bodies with feel-good endorphins and serotonin. Our bodies become more focused, aware and we’re able to connect to others. Plus it feels great! [by Josh Ramsay]

Let’s talk trash & solutionsTake a deep breath, and now a second deep breath. That second breath was brought to you by the oceans. The polluted reality is becoming a bitter pill to swallow and it is vital that we know the facts so that we feel moved to contribute to solutions for a healthier environment overall. Without a healthy ocean, humans will not experience a comfortable quality of life. What we do on land we do to the sea so be a part of the solution, not the problem. Let us show you simple ways to be this. [by Two Oceans Aquarium & Waste-ED]

Pop-up shows in the Tulip TheatreOngoing 15 minute theatre shows in the beautiful sacred Tulip Theatre focussing on the elements and how they all have something special to teach us. [by MAfrika and Nicola Jackman]

Puppet Shows – Two Oceans Aquarium will be performing two Puppet Stories that are both entertaining and educating. In 30 minutes they’ll perform the show and read a booklet afterwards. The first Story is “Keep the Beach Clean”: Sally the seal mistakes a plastic bag for a squid and eats it. Meet Sally’s friends as they try to help her get the plastic bag out of her throat. The second Story is “I Live Smart”: join Beauty and her friend Geo on an adventurous visit to the Two Oceans Aquarium where they meet clownfish, sharks, penguins and seals while learning about living smartly. [by Two Oceans Aquarium]

Sunset yogaJoin Nurture Retreats for an African-themed Family yoga lesson!  The class will combine Montessori teaching techniques with yoga, making the practice tactile, educational and fun. [by Lindsay Cockroft from Nurture Retreats]

Talent ShowSinging, dancing, drumming, juggling balls, telling jokes…your chance to be a star! [hosted by MAfrica]

TALK: A Nugget of Truth to inspire ChangeA brief look at some of the biggest issues facing mankind today; from climate change and water shortages to the heart disease epidemic – and a how a surprisingly simple and tasty solution can change the world. [by Donovan from The Fry Family Food Co.]

TALK: AWAKE Superfood SnacksMandy will be sharing with you her story of the AWAKE superfood snack recipe and her journey of finding an equally friendly packaging that explores reduction. [by Mandy-Lee Myerson]

TALK: Gratitude & Khoisan HeritageA talk on bringing messages, inspiration and stories of the Khoisan people. Be sure to catch his story session and his prayer for the land. [by Fran-Rico Lucas]

TALK: Greening your Moon CycleA workshop with Dr Gauri Lowe on the importance of using green menstruation care products for our moon cycles. [by Dr Gauri Lowe]

TALK: Importance of sustaining our food heritageAn inspiring talk on the work of the Goedgedacht Care for the Planet organisation in rural communities to promote environmental awareness and activism. They have set up 10 Community food gardens, 800 home gardens and 80 micro enterprises within the organic food sector. [by Mikal Lambert]

TALK & DEMO: Emotional Intelligence for KidsA talk and demo using an innovative new ‘Feeling Cards’ game all about teaching children emotional intelligence naturally. [by Josh Ramsay]

TALK & DEMO: Upcycled Container GardensLearn to create your own container food garden, including soil preparing and planting theory. [by Ben Getz from Urban Harvest]

TALK & DISCUSSION: Low Impact FamilyJade from Low Impact Living talks through how to nurture a low impact family. [by Jade Khoury]

TALK & WALK: HoneybeesThe Lifecycle of the Honeybee family from an experienced local beekeeper. [by Deon the beekeeper]

TALK & WORKSHOP: Natural CosmeticsA workshop on making your own natural cosmetic products. A wonderful skill to have for a green lifestyle. [by Le Riche Naturals]

TEDxCapeTown TALK: Antidote to suburbiaThis primary school pupil is raising awareness about the importance of healthy oceans. What an inspiration. [by Epiphany Stransham-Ford]

TEDxCapeTown TALK: Change the way we learnLebohang Miya runs a successful company that teaches youth (18-25) how to code. Hear this amazing story and be inspired. [by Lebohang Miya]

THEATRE: MAfricaNicola Jackman is an award-winning actress, voice artist, poet & joy catalyst. MAfrika, a fantastic theatre piece for all ages, tells the story of MAfrika, Mother Earth. [by Nicola Jackman]

T-Shirt screen printingPrint your own t-shirt with the Greenpop Logo! [by Greenpop]

Wake up, Shake up!Get groovy with us at the Wake Up Shake Up! These high energy tunes and instructors will have you tapping your feet, busting a move and singing along with the morning birds. [by Katja Schreiber & Nicola Jackman]

WALK: Mindfulness walkThe mindful forest walk with Nurture Retreats is set to be a calming and positive experience after planting. Quiet your mind and allow time for your body to be nourished by the beauty surrounding you. [by Lindsay Cockcroft from Nurture Retreats]

WALK: Platbos guided walkA guided walk through the forest with forest guardian Francois Krige. [by Francois Krige]

WALK: Search for the Singing TreeWalk through the forest in the dark searching for the magical signing tree. A tree that sings, really! [Guided by Jade & Camilla from Earth Champs]

Wood whittlingKids can try out wood carving while they whittle away at a communal piece.  [by Niel Jonker]

WORKSHOP: Art in the ForestA chance to relax, get creative and make something lovely under the trees. [by Bridget O’Donnell]

WORKSHOP: Poi spinningJoin a poi spinning workshop with Uflowpia! Poi is a flowing and momentous form encompassing full body movement, spatial awareness, coordination and meditation. [by Roxanne Norman from Uflowpia]


We are trying something new this year and have created tiered ticket prices – festival goers can choose to purchase a Generosity ticket, Regular ticket or Subsidised ticket.

We value inclusivity and want our festival to be available to as many different people as possible. If you can afford it, please consider purchasing Generosity ticket. For every Generosity ticket purchased, we will be able to offer a Subsidised ticket to someone who cannot afford the Regular ticket price.

Ticket Prices:

  • Adult Generosity ticket: R500
  • Adult Regular price ticket: R390
  • Adult Subsidised ticket: R280
  • Children ticket (4 to 12): R220
  • Children below 4: free

Camping: Bring your own tent and camp in our general campsite. Please follow instructions of the welcoming team. No parking at tents and no dogs are allowed in the forest 🙁

Kids Only Campsite: We noticed some of the (older) kids would love to have their own campsite, so we have created a cordoned off little campsite for ‘Kids Only’ with good lighting for kids older than 10 years.

Tent Rental: We have a few tents for rent for the weekend. The price includes a ZAR 250 deposit which will be refunded to you in cash after one of the Greenpop team members has inspected your tent for any damages on the Sunday.

  • 2 Person Tent for Rent: R580 (includes set up, 2 camping mats and deposit)
  • 3 Person Tent for Rent: R630 (includes set up, 3 camping mats and deposit)

Camper Van Area:

  • Allowed in this area: camper vans, caravans (including tow vehicle), motor homes, trailer tents (including tow vehicle), roof top tents (including vehicle – must be permanent or semi permanent fixtures to the vehicle).
  • NOTE: The above MUST be able to comfortably fit into the 7 x 5m area allocated. Greenpop reserves the right to exclude any of the above if it does not meet the required and generally accepted standards of what defines each of the above mentioned.
    • Cars (including with mattresses)
    • Bakkies (including with mattresses)
    • Combis (including with mattresses and/or tents placed on the roof)
    • Trucks (including with mattresses and/or tents placed on the roof or flatbed.)

Other Accommodation: If you don’t want to camp (although we highly recommend camping – the ancient forest is so beautiful), we recommend the following places:

NB. When booking, remember to tell them that you are attending the Greenpop Reforest Fest and that they should give you a price excluding breakfast as we have food stalls selling amazing breakfasts up at the forest

Meals: This year MEALS ARE NOT INCLUDED in your festival ticket and self-catering facilities are NOT available. As the festival goer you will have the following options for meals:

Buy meals at the festival:

  • Meal prices are between R25-R40 Breakfast, R40-60 Lunch, R50-R80 Dinner
  • There will be a variety of food trucks selling tasty vegetarian (and vegan friendly) breakfast, lunch and dinner options at our usual breakfast, lunch and dinner times.
  • There will be plenty of kid-friendly food available.
Bring your own food:
  • We cannot allow individual open flames in the forest for fire safety reasons (NB!). Small gas stoves are permissible but even these flames will need to be small and contained so please be careful. We’d like to encourage participants to rather buy from the food vendors or, if you’d like to bring your own food, bring mostly raw or pre-prepared food in a cooler box and equipment to serve it. We will also provide boiling water at all times.
  • Please note that there will be NO self catering facilities at this festival and the nearest shop is quite a drive away. We have made sure that the food available is of the tastiest and best quality and served with a smile.


  • Payment method: Cash is king or Snapscan (no ATM or card facilities on site)
  • Please wash your cutlery and plates at the washing stations that will be set up.
  • Bring your own cutlery and crockery (knife, fork, spoon, bowl, plate, cup, dishcloth). These will not be provided by any of the stalls (NB).
  • We provide some snacks as well during the planting day, but do bring extra snacks to share around the campfire or on the planting field. Please avoid over-packaged snacks – bring big bags and share 🙂
  • Drinking water: there will be water for washing and there is drinking water that is sourced from the dam above the forest, but if you have a sensitive tummy then please bring your own drinking water (2L per day per person should be fine). We encourage you to fill bottles with tap water from home rather than buying bottled water.
  • Other drinks: there will be a bar selling alcoholic drinks and juices, so bring extra cash. You are also welcome to bring your own drinks.
  • Coffee & tea: you can enjoy delicious tea and coffee from our vendors, so make sure to have some cash on you.

Platbos forest is an easy 2.5 hour drive from Cape Town. If you are travelling in a car, please try to carpool if you can. Our partners Find a Lift have a great carpooling site where you can find travel buddies and rides if you need.


Remember you might be arriving in the dark on Friday evening, so be sure to read these directions carefully and have them on hand.

  • From Cape Town, take the N2 highway towards Hermanus.
  • Take the Hermanus turn off and go directly into Hermanus town. Drive through Hermanus town towards Stanford on the R43.
  • On the R43 road from Stanford to Gansbaai, look out for the Grootbos turnoff on your left hand side, approximately 12km after passing Stanford town. (If you get to Gansbaai you have gone too far)
  • Turn left at the Grootbos turn off and travel for just over 6km along this tar, and then gravel, road (do not turn into the actual Grootbos Estate).
  • Just before the 6km mark, you will see a turnoff over a cattle grid on your right hand side, and a wooden sign, ‘Platbos Forest’. This entrance to the forest is CLOSED for Festival goers. Please do not turn up this road as you cannot gain access to the Fest from here.
  • Continue along the road you are on, following the Greenpop sign boards and flags. Turn right onto the entrance road (marked with Greenpop sign boards) immediately after you have passed the Platbos entrance.
  • Follow the sign boards until you come to the Festival Entrance.

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