We are currently in Livingstone at our 5th Annual Zambia Festival of Action connecting with active citizens from around the globe, planting trees, upcycling, building with eco-materials, learning about permaculture, sharing, giving back, growing and getting active.

In Livingstone, Zambia deforestation is a daily reality. But rather than seeing this as an insurmountable obstacle, Greenpop sees an opportunity to learn.

Each year during June and July, Greenpop runs the Zambia Festival of Action – a three week service learning project which brings together hundreds of high school students and adults from all over the world to learn about sustainability and active citizenship and plant thousands of trees at schools and community farms near Livingstone.

Over the last four years, the project has evolved from having a singular focus on tree planting to taking a more plural approach; eco-enterprise workshops, permaculture activities, food forest projects, public art activations, waste management training, skills development and leadership take centre stage. It is now an emersion in sustainability – a conference of holistic active citizenship and skills sharing that leaves participants ready to tackle challenges in their own communities.

At the heart of Greenpop’s ethos is a belief that environmental and social solutions lie, not in anxiety, which can immobilise, but in positive action. David Nikisi, a forestry student from Zimbabwe who joined the programme in 2015 noted that, while many talk about change, “Greenpop has the know-how and the action.”

This year, we’re gearing up once again to welcome you with muddy hands and big smiles for a week (or two or three) of environmental action and cultural adventure! You’ll roll up your sleeves and get hands-on permaculture experience, challenge your minds to spark off ideas for a greener future, and get elbow deep in Zambia’s red soil planting trees with volunteers from around the world and schools and communities in and around Livingstone. You’ll live, learn and get silly with like-minded people, and come away with life-long friends!


Week 1: 25 June – 2 July 2016 Schools Programme (Ages 13 to 19)
Week 2: 3 – 10 July 2016 General Programme (All Ages)
Week 3: 10 – 17 July 2016 General Programme (All Ages)


Read our full programme for the 2016 Festival of Action (we’re already in Livingstone in full swing)
Read about the project in the Mail & Guardian newspaper

Schools Programme Brochure
General Programme Brochure


Applications for the Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action 2016 are closed. If you would like to pre-register for the 2017 project please fill in this form.

TREES FOR FEES 2016 IS NOW CLOSED. Check back in October to begin raising trees for the 2017 Festival of Action.

Raise funds for trees and get your Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action programme fee discounted or FREE!

Become a fundraising activist for Greenpop and ask your friends and family to help you raise funds for trees through your own online activist project page on GivenGain. Not only will we use the funds you raise to plant trees across Southern Africa, but for every tree raised you will also get a discount on your programme fees*. And, if you raise enough trees you can even attend the programme for free!


  • Goal for one week attendees: funds for 80 trees
  • Goal for two week attendees: funds for 150 trees

If you meet your goal, you can attend the programme for free!
If you do not meet your goal you will receive a discount on the programme fee relevant to the amount of trees raised. For example, if you raise 25% of your goal you will get a 25% discount on your programme fees.


  • One tree costs USD 12 / ZAR 120
  • Deadline for raising funds for trees for the 2016 Festival of Action is 30 April 2016.

*Click here to read about the usual programme fees for the Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action and what is included in and excluded from these fees.
**Unfortunately it’s not possible to raise funds for trees to cover the costs of transport from your hometown to Livingstone and back.


1. You apply for Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action by filling in this APPLICATION FORM and indicate that you would like to raise funds for trees by joining the Trees for Fees programme.

2. If you are accepted onto the programme, you’ll receive an acceptance email.

3. After you are accepted, create your own activist project to start raising funds:
a) Go to the Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action – Trees for Fees 2016 campaign on GivenGain.
b) Click “Start Fundraising”
c) Log in to GivenGain or sign up for an activist account if you don’t already have one.
d) Set up your activist project. Be sure to tell everyone why you are raising funds for trees and why you would like to attend the Zambia Festival of Action!
e) Set your fundraising target:
—- If you are coming to the Festival of Action for 1 week your goal should be at least ZAR 9600 / USD 960. This will be enough money to plant 80 trees!
—- If you are coming for 2 weeks your goal should be at least ZAR 18000 / USD 1800. This will be enough money to plant 150 trees!
f) Set your deadline: 30 April 2016
g) Add photos and extra details to make your project POP!

4. Share & promote your fundraising activist project URL with everyone you know so they can sponsor trees for you to go to Zambia.
As an extra bit of help, you can download the TFF Promo package with:
– 2 sponsorship appeal letter templates (one for companies and one for friends and family) to personalise and use to further your fundraising efforts
– 3 graphics which you can share in emails and on social media

5. After the Trees for Fees cut off date (31 March 2016), Greenpop will check how many trees you have raised through your GivenGain activist project and thus how much of a discount you are eligible for. So remember: 80 trees is a free week (100% discount), 40 trees would be 50% discount and 20 trees raised gives you a 25% discount on the programme fee, for example. We’ll send you an email confirming this.

6. Before 10 April you need to let us know if you’d like to accept the discount offer and come to Zambia. We’ll send you the invoice (unless your fee is free!) and you can start preparing for your trip.

7. After the programme, you will receive a certificate with GPS coordinates of the location where your trees were planted so you can share this with your donors to celebrate!


Reach out, speak to people, make it happen – many people have done Trees for Fees before and succeeded – you can too!

  • Send personal emails to your friends/family with your Activist Project link included and tell them WHY you want to go to the Zambia Festival of Action, what it means to you and why you believe in planting trees. It’s all about the WHY!
  • Tell everybody personally. It definitely helps if they see your enthusiasm.
  • Use your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) to promote what you are doing.
  • Ask for trees for your birthday or maybe you have another milestone to celebrate this year (e.g. passing exams, graduating, etc.)
  • Maybe friends of your parents work for companies that might be interested to sponsor you.
  • You can also think about giving something, for example sending everybody a personal picture from when you are in Zambia or get them a little gift from Zambia.
  • Or do something in return for tree donations (e.g. washing a car, selling cookies, foot massages)
  • Organize a dinner/lunch/movie night/concert and people have to pay a small contribution for trees.
  • Keep everybody posted: Tell everybody about what you are doing to achieve your target and how far you are. Don’t be scared to keep them posted about your progress, because it’s a friendly way of reminding them how passionate and active you are. It will definitely increase the amount of trees on your activist page. And don’t forget to tell them afterwards how great your experience was (and forward them the certificate you will receive). After all if you donate to a cause, you would also love to hear what they have done with your donation.
  • You can find more top fundraising tips on our BLOG


Q: Will every sponsor get a tree certificate?
A: After the project we will send one certificate to you with the GPS coordinates of the location where we planted ‘your trees’. You can share this certificate with your donors.

Q: Can I also receive donations in cash or electronic bank transfer?
A: All donations must go through GivenGain. Therefore, your donors can support your project by donating funds via their credit card or electronic bank transfer. If you decide to sell lemonade or your granny gives you a crisp R100 note for your birthday, you can add this cash to your GivenGain profile by donating to your own campaign.

Q: If I sponsor 80 trees for USD 12 / ZAR 120 the total amount of money is a lot more than the project fee. Why is that?
A: If you participate in the Trees for Fees programme the total amount of money raised does not only cover your project fee, but also the costs of planting the 80 trees. Thus, the total amount of money will be higher.

Q: I have 80 real physical trees in my garden. Can I donate them to Greenpop and get the full discount?
A: Unfortunately not. We try to run our project in the most sustainable way possible so we buy all of our trees which we plant from local nurseries in and around Livingstone to avoid transportation and support the local economy.

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