Trees for Fees

Raise funds for trees and get your Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action 2017 programme fee discounted or free.

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What is Trees for Fees?

** Please note that Trees for Fees is now closed for 2017

Trees for Fees is Greenpop’s fundraising programme for the Zambia Festival of Action.

Become a fundraising activist for Greenpop and ask your friends and family to help you raise funds for trees through your own online activist project page on GivenGain.

Not only will we use the funds you raise to plant trees across Southern Africa, but for every tree raised you will also get a discount on your programme fees to the Zambia Festival of Action. And, if you raise enough trees you can even attend the programme for free!

Fundraising Goals

Your fundraising goal will depend on the number of weeks you would like to spend at the Zambia Festival of Action.

1 tree = ZAR 120 or USD 12



(ZAR 9,600 or USD 960)



(ZAR 18,000 or USD 1,800)



(ZAR 24,000 or USD 2,400)

Deadline: 30 April 2017

If you meet your goal by 30 April 2017, you can attend the programme for free!

If you do not meet your goal you will receive a discount on the programme fee relevant to the amount of trees raised. For example, if you raise 25% of your goal you will get a 25% discount on your programme fees.

Frequently asked questions.

Will every sponsor get a tree certificate?

After the project we will send one certificate to you with the GPS coordinates of the location where we planted ‘your trees’. You can share this certificate with your donors.

Can I also receive donations in cash or electronic bank transfer?

All donations must go through GivenGain. Therefore, your donors can support your project by donating funds via their credit card or electronic bank transfer. If you decide to sell lemonade or your granny gives you a crisp R100 note for your birthday, you can add this cash to your GivenGain profile by donating to your own campaign.

If I sponsor 80 trees for USD 12 / ZAR 120 the total amount of money is a lot more than the programme fee. Why is that?

If you participate in the Trees for Fees programme the total amount of money raised does not only cover your programme fee, but also the costs of planting the 80 trees. Thus, the total amount of money will be higher and you are supporting our planting programmes.

I have 80 real physical trees in my garden. Can I donate them to Greenpop and get the full discount?

Unfortunately not. We try to run our project in the most sustainable way possible so we buy all of our trees which we plant from local nurseries in and around Livingstone to avoid transportation and support the local economy.

Will my fundraising cover the cost of getting to and from Livingstone?
Unfortunately it’s not possible to raise funds for trees to cover the costs of transport from your hometown to Livingstone and back.

Help us plant trees, grow gardens and educate for action across Southern Africa.

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