Roadtrip: 13 ways to make your next one EPIC!


JUNE, 2016

By Chrissy Beluk

In South Africa, we are blessed with beautiful, scenic vistas and destinations throughout the country, which make for perfect road trip opportunities. Whether you are solo road tripping or traveling with friends or family, we have 13 tips for making your next road trip the best one yet!

1. Music is key – even if your singing isn’t

Set the mood with some of your favourite music and watch the hours pass by in groovy bliss. Have everyone in the car create hour-long playlists and shuffle through giving each the chance to DJ! You can all include favorite tunes or assign themes – best of the 80s, early 2000s, Beatles Mania – get creative and make sure to include throwbacks! If you have guitars, bring them along, and if not, air guitars don’t take up too much space.

 2. Pack in all your favourite padkos

Bringing healthy snacks for the journey is key to staying happy while on the road. Having everyone prepare something beforehand like muesli, popcorn, nuts, or chopped fruit and veggies is the perfect way to stay fueled up while adventuring. Just make sure to leave the smelly snacks at home. Sharing healthy food with your fellow car mates and drinking lots of water means you can avoid the junk food at roadside stops – better for you and your wallet!

3. Stretch those legs!

During any long road trip, it’s important to take breaks. Stretch your body, get some fresh air, and just move around. 

4. Disconnect and enjoy the drive
It’s easy to spend a day on the road catching up on your Instagram or Twitter feeds. Try to resist the temptation for an hour or so and just look out the window and chat with your friends. Take in the trees and the people around you and reflect on how it’s different from your normal route.

5. Have your camera at the ready

Whatever you do, don’t keep your camera in the boot! Keep it front and center on your lap ready to capture all the action! Who knows what you might see on the side of the road…

6. Meditate on the move

The great thing about meditating is that you can do it anywhere, but car rides lend themselves specifically well to this activity because it’s a specific time carved out where you don’t have to be anywhere else. If you’re not used to meditating on your own, download some guided meditation sessions before you set off, and you’ll be finding your breath in no time.

7. Have fun with some games

There are a ton of car games you can play to avoid the inevitable, “are we there yet?” question. Personal favorites include: Going on a Picnic, The Alphabet Game, and a good old game of I Spy.

8. Stay green!

So much waste accumulates on car trips but bringing eco-bricks along is a great way to manage it. Find an extra plastic bottle and stick in all the extra non-recyclable bits and bobs as you go. See how many bricks you can fill by the time you arrive! And, of course, don’t forget your reusable mug, Tupperware, and canvas shopping bags to reduce the amount of waste you wind up with, in the first place!

 9. Listen to your favourite podcasts

Let’s face it, you probably can’t be jamming out or chatting the whole time. When you need a break, podcasts are the perfect fix. TED talks, Stuff You Missed in History Class, The Moth, and Serial are all great programs to accompany you to your destination.

 10. Stop and take in the view

Breaks are important in any road trip, which is the perfect excuse to stop for interesting sightseeing! Farmer’s markets, waterfalls, giant baobabs on the side of the road – you never know what you might find. Not only will it be a fun way to break up the trip, but you’ll get to your destination with lots of new stories to share once you arrive.

11. Get crafty

Whether you want to spend time in the backseat woodworking, knitting, embroidering or plugging away at one of those adult coloring books you got in the Yankee Swap this year, you’ll have plenty of time to get going on those while on the move. Just be aware, it’s hard to color inside the lines on long stretches of dirt roads.

12. Enjoy a good book or get writing

That stack of best sellers next to your nightstand isn’t going to read itself, and those empty journals still have yet to be filled. Use part of your journey to catch up or get started. Take a look at these journal prompts or book recommendations if you need some inspiration!

13. Keep the driver happy

Driver has veto power on any music, can make the call for any stops that need to happen, and should be cared for with the utmost love and affection by all passengers. Try to have multiple driver shifts so you can rotate through, and make sure to keep the napping one as comfy as possible while they rest up.

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