21 Ways to Become a Greenpop Activist



By Emily White

Get active (not anxious) about the future of our planet with these activist campaign suggestions that are fun, adventurous, and even daring! Choose one of our suggestions or come up with your own way to be an environmental activist.

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Biotree. Earth Urn

Biotree.Earth INTERVIEW: THE BIOTREE URN, turning ashes into trees 17 SEPTEMBER, 2018 By Chris Cilliers The Biotree urn has been designed to change the way we view the passing of a loved one. Celebrate their life with a living memorial, in the form of a tree....

6 Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Waste in the Bedroom

6 Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Waste in the Bedroom  7 SEPTEMBER, 2018 By Sam Kent It’s easy for extra energy to slip through the cracks without noticing it, especially in the bedroom, where you spend most of your time unconscious.  But, there are many ways to...

Beautiful Plants For Your Green Roof

Beautiful Plants For Your Green Roof 31 AUGUST, 2018 By Mattea Jacobs Planting on green roofs is a bit trickier than planting in regular gardens. Roofs are in general the most exposed part of your house, so your roof garden will also be exposed to all the different...

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