Father’s Day 2020 – 5 DIY Gifts for Your Dad


June, 2020
By Jan-Niclas Schindzielorz
There is no perfect father. And surely no secret recipe that makes one. But a good father is one that inspires his children, to make and to dream.

Dads have a great impact on their children. Every day they teach us important lessons through their words and actions. Fathers help us imagine our own future and build a life.

Dads help us grow, create and dream to become the best version of ourselves. Now it’s time to build something for them. Here are a few DIY ideas of things you can make for your dad – the man who already has everything.

A picture of YOU!

When children grow up, feeling connected to them can be a challenge for parents. Some fill their home with pictures of their children and often they can also be found on their desks at work. Having it in a unique frame made by the person in the picture makes it even more special and personal. 

A toolbox

To some men, their workbench is the most sacred place. There they can literally build their dreams, keeps their hands busy and get creative. This mindset can be the seed for a hands-on-attitude in their children and inspire them to take matters in their own hands in a very crafty way. And what would a crafty pair of hands be without their tools? A self-made toolbox is a perfect present to show appreciation for your dad’s work and help organise his space.

A birdhouse

Remember asking you Dad what kind of bird you hear singing when you were on a walk? To make you proud he probably made up some fantastic species, or he actually knew some. However, everyone loves having a bird in their own garden, listen to their singing and watch the babies hatch out of their eggs. By building a bird’s house on your own you can bring nature a little closer to your father’s home and provide shelter to a lovely flying family.

A practical wall decoration

Interior is most beautiful when it has a sense of practicality, maybe even a function. A self-made rack hits the jackpot by adding personality to a room and serving a purpose. It can be used to hang coats, store wine or keep tools in order and from messing up already busy drawers.

A unique potplant

Fathers are superheroes. They may not wear a cape, but plants don’t either. But both have incredible superpowers and make sure that we survive in this crazy world. So why not pair them up. And to add that little extra flavour design the pot for the plant with your own creativity to honour their services.

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