5 Environmental Heroes We Admire
By Alice Beckett
Environmentalists from past and present have had such a big impact on our lives, so why is it so hard for many people to name more than a couple? Here at Greenpop HQ we appreciate and admire those individuals’ eagerness to throw themselves into something they believe in. So, here is a list of inspiring individuals that have shaped, or are helping to shape our future.
Amelia Telford, Seed
Amelia Telford, 21 year old Bundjalung woman

Amelia is the National Director of ‘Seed’,  Australia’s first  Indigenous Youth Climate Network. Amelia realised the lack of opportunity for Indigenous youth in the climate movement, and created Seed. Seed supports and allows young Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders  to become climate action leaders.

William Kamkwamba, here featured on BBC
William Kamkwamba, 28 year old Malawian man

William was forced to leave school at the young age of 14, however this did not prevent him from becoming the innovative genius he is today. By following information from an old textbook, William improvised with the materials around him and created a wind turbine using an old push bike and scraps. This single wind turbine powered his family home. His ambition and drive pushed him further as he created a solar powered water pump that supplied the first ever drinking water to his village. William’s story is inspirational and shows that recycling objects really can change the lives of those around you.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, 16 year old American boy

This inspiring young man has been fighting for environmental change since he was six years old, and he is now the youth director of Earth Guardians, a non-profit organisation which encourages young people to get involved in environmental activism. The list of achievements this 15 year old has accomplished are endless for someone his age. Xiuhtezcatl was even awarded the ‘Youth Change Maker of the Year’ award from President Obama. We think this is one of the coolest 15 year olds we know! Oh and did we mention he’s also a hip hop artist! (P.S. His name is pronounced “shoe-tez-caht”).

Winnie Asiti, featured on 350Africa
Winnie Asiti, 30 year old Kenyan woman

Winnie was born and brought up in Rift Valley Province of Kenya. Winnie has been deemed the next Wangari Matthai, which in itself is quite an achievement. However, Winnie is certainly paving her own way in the environmentalist world. She helped create the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change after attending the United Nations Global conference in Durban. Winnie is also on the Global Greengrants board that focuses on giving short loans to environmental causes and activists worldwide, giving out to over 9,000 projects.

Ann Makosinki, featured on TEDxTeen
Ann Makosinki, 18 year old Canadian woman

In 2015, Ann won the ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award’ for her efforts and invention of the Hollow Flashlight, which converts radiant body heat into electricity in order to power an LED bulb without the need of batteries. This invention was inspired by the story of her friend in the Philippines failing a class because she had no electricity to allow her to study. Ann certainly inspires all generations to be creative and kind-hearted.

These five amazing individuals each have an amazing story and achievement, and it gives us a TREEmendous amount of courage and faith that our environment’s future is in the strong green hands of the future generation.

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