6 Office Plants to Green your Desk
JULY, 2017
Guest post by Life Green Group
Looking to liven up your office desk or even the office with the aesthetic benefits? Are you interested in understanding the health benefits of office plants?

Life Indoors, an interior plantscaping company, has some fun ideas for the office employees to enhance your workspaces and work environment.

Office Plants
Photograph by Gergely Hideg

1. Make the most of moss terrariums.

Enchant your desk with something minimalist and different. By investing in a moss terrarium, you can capture the essence of nature in the comfort of your own office space. Moss terrariums are known to be very low maintenance and cost efficient too. If you don’t feel like doing large-scale landscaping projects at your own home, you can design mini-landscaping projects in the terrarium using various pebbles and delicate ornaments, giving you the same satisfaction with a fraction of the work.

2. Hang in there with air plants.

If you’re in need of a change of scenery from the orchid desk bowl arrangement, try a hanging air plant, or air plant in a floating vase above your desk. Because an air plant needs high light and some watering, it’s perfectly easy to maintain in an office setting.

Air plants don’t live in soil that holds moisture, so it’s imperative to water and allow sunlight to reach them (both easy tasks in an office environment). If you naturally gravitate to the succulent look, the hanging air plants provide a similar aesthetic and decor.

Life Indoors tip: Succulents, like desert roses, are not designed for the office environment. It is not a cost-effective idea as they do eventually die if kept indoors.

Important side note: As mentioned previously, the hanging desk plant needs high, natural sunlight. If your office space lacks this natural sunlight, this decoration may not be the most feasible or environmentally friendly choice.


Office Plants
Photograph by Wicker Paradise

3. Create a potted jungle with creepers.

2017 has been the year of potted jungles. Similarly to the terrariums, this small pot provides a taste of nature in a simple, feasable, and cost-effective manner. If you’ve got the space, purchase a sweetheart plant (Philodendron scandens) with the right support and manipulation it requires. This fantastic indoor plant does not require high light and only needs to be watered every TWO WEEKS! The potted jungle is perfect on a bookshelf, or to climb an indoor trellis (of your design) and even the leg of your desk! If you’re looking for something extremely low maintence, yet pleasing to the eye, this is a finer alternative.

4. Add something fishy.

Are you a trustworthy individual that would be responsible enough to keep a goldfish alive for more than six weeks? If you are, purchase a peace lily or lucky bamboo with a Siamese Fighter Fish/Goldfish in the vase.

By adding a fish to the environment, not only will the plants happily co-exist with a fellow member of nature, but you will also be pleased with a friend to keep you company during your long work hours. Obviously, run this by your perspective bosses before purchasing out of common practice for your company.

Life Indoors tip: Most indoor plants die from being over watered. The same holds true for fish as most fish will die from being over fed. (It will survive the weekend or long weekends in the office as long as fed upon return to the office).

Office Plants
Office Plants Fish
Office Plants
Office Plants

5. Keep your feng-shui in check.

Speaking of lucky bamboo…

How is your feng-shui in your immediate workspace? If your workspace is lacking substantial energy and decor, bamboo provides a simple and spiritual solution.

Bamboo represents the five elements of feng shui – wood, water, fire, earth, and metal. The number of stems of bamboo you have will affect the following aspects of your life:

  • 2 bamboo stems – love, marriage, and romance
  • 3 bamboo stems – happiness
  • 5 bamboo stems- health
  • 8 bamboo stems- wealth
  • 9 bamboo stems- good fortune

By adding bamboo to your office space, you will tap into those elements of a successful feng shui, allowing you to have a more productive workday!

6. Sometimes the answer is crystal clear…  a vase!

Investing in an attractive vase for your desk to add various forms of flower arrangements is a simple, effective idea. Your flowered gifts from significant others or loved ones need a home to live in your office space, so by providing a crystal clear vase, allows you to enhance your workspace in a simple manner.

Otherwise, cutting large green leaves from strelitzias and elephant ears makes for an attractive simple and affordable flower arrangement. If a clear, glass vase is too pricey and not cost-efficient, clear water bottles or other forms of packaging will do the trick.

Life Indoors tip:  Aloes, which are desert plants, not water lilies, have potential to kill your plants. A lot of these aloes are harvested illegally from wild populations and are not conducive for office planting environments. Do not put an aloe in your vase!


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