We all know how hard it can sometimes be to stick to a “green” routine or to even find out about all the sustainable alternatives that are out there. Since most of us can’t deny that we spend quite a bit of time on our smartphones, we decided to show you some Apps that can help you to “green your life”. No matter if you look for a close-by organic market, want to know how to grow your own veggies or simply gain inspiration from sustainable living ideas – we found an App for (almost) everything!

And a bonus point: They are all for FREE!

So don’t hesitate to give your phone a little green update. 😉

1. eEcosphere Your moodboard of green actions

eEcosphere is a platform for you to discover, adopt, and share the best sustainable living ideas. By gamifying your journey to a “greener” you, it encourages you to be more conscious about your daily routine and makes it easier to green it up. To motivate and inspire others, you can share your actions and ideas with friends & family on social media.



2. Smart GardenerGreen thumbed friend to potential backyard growers

Do you want to start your own little organic garden? Then Smart Gardener will become your best friend! It teaches you the skills from planning, to buying the right seeds, to starting seedlings and planting them in the soil. The app guides you through the process of choosing the best plants for each location, determining where in the garden to plant them, and deciding how many of each to plant according to the size of your household. So grab your spade & let’s go!



3. GardenAnswersYour plant handbook

If you ever struggled to identify a plant or have been curious if a plant in your garden is harmful, you will find the answers with this app! Just snap a picture, tap submit and you will get the accurate identity of the plant & detailed information about it. GardenAnswers also provides a handbook containing answers to common plant questions. So start snapping and discover the world of plants!



4. WaterprintHow much water do you use?

You use water on a daily basis to take a shower or wash your clothes. But have you ever wondered how much water it takes to grow a banana or manufacture a T-shirt? Waterprint calculates just how much water is embedded in your daily activities, including what you wear, eat and drink. Find out where you can save water!


5. Changers CO2 FitChange the way you move!

This app makes carbon emissions personal by tracking each trip you take, and what method of transport is used. At the end of the day, you will know the amount of CO2 emissions generated (or avoided) for each trip. Seems like it’s time to hop on your bike more often!



6. JouleBug Be rewarded for being green!

This app encourages you to be the “greenest” version of yourself! By awarding badges, points, and pins, you get motivated to become more sustainable at every step you do. Earn points for bringing a reusable coffee mug, taking the bike to work or bringing your own bag for shopping. You can save money and cut down on your carbon footprint! See what your friends do to go green and become even more productive with some friendly competition.



7. iRecycleYour ultimate guide to recycling

Whether it’s your worn-in couch, broken microwave, or energy-less batteries iRecycle tells you how and where to recycle your waste. By specifying the item, finding a recycling option nearby and giving contact details for the locations you will get all the information needed for your recycling action. Happy Recycling!



8. PaperKarmaSave trees, not junk mail!

Combine two great things using this app: Saving trees and eliminating unwanted junk mail! We all know this moment too well when our mailbox overflows with ads for pizza delivery services, investment opportunities, and merchandise catalogs. Usually, it goes straight to waste or piles up in a box we keep in the corner of our storage room. With PaperKarma you simply snap a pic of your junk mail. Then submit, and they will contact the mailers and remove you from their distribution list. Voila – Problem solved!



9. Home Composting Master the art of composting!

If you know how to do it right, composting is an easy thing to do to help the environment. This app offers a step-by-step guide on making your own compost – Including videos, hints and tips, quizzes, and instructions for making a compost bin. Start now & become a pro at composting!




So, give your phone a little “green” update and let us know what changes you made to green your life!

By Victoria Annich, Greenpop Communications Intern

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