7 ways to celebrate Arbor Day…
By Kia Gericke
Arbor Day started in the 1800s with a couple who had a love for nature and the environment that surrounded their home. From small beginnings, this grew into a national holiday during which people are encouraged to help plant indigenous trees, learn about the flora in their communities and beautify the local environment.

So, on September 1st join us in celebrating Arbor Day! Here are 7 ideas to spark your imagination:


1. Plant a tree.

Get your friends together and have a tree planting day! Whether it is in your garden or at a local community ground, any tree planted makes a difference.

Family at the Hogsback Festival of Trees
Plant a tree!
Photograph by Makhulu.
2. Sponsor a tree.

This month, Greenpop is trying to raise enough funds to plant 1000 trees! By sponsoring a tree today you can support Greenpop’s reforestation and urban greening projects across Southern Africa.

3. Read a book on trees.

A great way to kick off your Arbor Day is to read a tree identification book. Spending a day outside looking at your local trees and noticing new details is lovely way to grow your knowledge on the environment surrounding you. A good place to start is A Field Guide To Trees Of Southern Africa by Braam van Wyk.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffett
4. Spearhead a clean up in your local park.

Get some friends and local residents together and head to a nearby park or forest to clean up the unwanted waste. Correctly disposing of waste helps maintain a healthy environment and improves the beauty of the area.

5. Hold an Arbor Day party.

Create awareness in your friend group by hosting a party to celebrate Arbor Day! Have fun with it and theme the party around local trees. Everyone can bring a little plant with them and once the party has begun there can be a ‘secret santa’ in which the guests can swap plants to take home with them.

People with their hands in the air.
Poem hanging from a tree.
Hands planting a tree.
6. Buy a ticket to the Hogsback Festival of Trees.

Join Greenpop’s next reforestation festival! Surround yourself with like-minded people, plant trees, listen to live music and enjoy workshops such as natural building and permaculture. Help us reforest Hogsback with indigenous trees and expand the habitat of many endangered species.

7. Organise a forest walk with your friends.

Pack a picnic full of fresh food and head into the outdoors for a day with your closest friends to enjoy the surrounding trees and fynbos. Take in the beautiful area and have a relaxed day with good company in the fresh air. This will help relieve work stress and will provide for a nice environment for you and your friends to hang out in while being away from the busy city life.

Happy Arbor Day!

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