Eco-friendly products are always a good idea



By Charlotte

Trying to decipher the ingredients of major commercially-available cleaning products can be a particularly difficult task. Thankfully, natural alternatives exist if you are looking to avoid exposure to all the cryptic, environmentally and personally harmful agents and preservatives.

Here at Greenpop, our favourite brand is Better Earth who stand out by selling a range of natural, biodegradable and proudly South African cleaning products. They’ve been supporting Greenpop since 2014 and we are lucky to enjoy the use of their high-quality cleaning agents in our offices and at our events

Better Earth products

Using ‘green’ household products means choosing the safer option for your health, your family and the planet. Indeed, many cleaning products carry “Toxic!”, “Warning!”, “Flammable!” labels yet we continue to spray/wipe/mop them around our homes, pets and children! Companies will use harsh and toxic chemicals in order to cut costs to produce the competitively strongest cleaning products and the consumer’s health is often completely shaded by this profit goal. However, because of the environmental and health costs, eco-friendly products may be more financially sustainable in the long-run.

Choosing products that are gentle on the environment is not only about reducing your own coughing and sneezing but also helps the planet. Green cleaning products are usually made using natural ingredients and sustainable manufacturing practices such as those of Better Earth which are manufactured locally with every effort made to reduce their carbon footprint. Also, a more conscious consumption of household products helps mobilise households to participate in the preservation of precious resources such as plastic, metal and water. For example, grey water from washing done with eco-friendly products is often safe for use in watering gardens or flushing toilets, which cannot be said for more chemical and toxic alternatives. 

Whilst more commercial products may be cheaper (on the surface level) or easier to use, it is our shared responsibility to make buying choices that are better for ourselves, the planet and generations to come.

We chatted to Kerry from Better Earth, who gave us a run-down on our favourite cleaning product provider.  

Can you tell us about Better Earth?

Better Earth provides cleaning products that are gentle on the environment (and your hands) but also high quality cleaning agents. All of our products are as effective as other cleaning products but provide peace of mind to the eco-conscious user.

Our eco-friendly products are manufactured locally and are free of sulphated surfactants, parabens, animal products, colourants and synthetic fragrance.

We are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty (an animal rights organisation) and our eco-friendly products are completely bio-degradable and perfect for grey water use. 

What about your products?

Our product range includes NEW Toilet Tamer, NEW Body Wash, bathroom and toilet cleaner, air freshener, cleaning spray, floor cleaners, dishwashing liquid, laundry gel and a dish washing gel for automatic dish washing machines. 

What do you find most challenging about your business?

I think that we used to find it challenging to convince people that natural cleaning products are as effective as conventional products but that is slowly changing. Now we need to find ways to make natural products more available to more people.

How do you address environmental challenges?

We think about every aspect of our business from an environmental and social aspect. We have identified the areas that we are behind and always make it our mission to continually make things better. 
A great example of this is that we have recently found suppliers for our packaging that can offer us recycled material! We are very excited about this as we can now actively use discarded plastic and find a use for it.

If someone was interested in eco-friendly cleaning supplies, what would be a few things you would suggest?

The beauty of being in the environmental industry is that there is so much room for new ideas and growth. 

We need all the fresh thinkers we can get when it comes to solving environmental problems so I would say to anyone interested that they should go for it!

The more people working on ways to help our earth the better!

How you first got involved in with Greenpop?

We read some press about Greenpop and decided we had to get involved!

Why did you choose to get involved in with Greenpop in a sustainable way ?

So many reasons! But in a nutshell – good people trying to plant more trees!! Why would anyone not get involved?


Many thanks to Kerry for this interview and to Better Earth for making our cleaning moments sweeter!


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