5 ways to run an eco-conscious business
By Alice Beckett
Operating an eco-conscious business is not only beneficial for the environment but also for your company’s image. No matter how big or small your business is, it is possible to make these five small changes, if you have not already done so. These steps allow you to be more environmentally friendly, and  save you money at the same time.
1. Make that all important switch to post-consumer waste (PWC)

If you have not already done this then you’re behind the times! Your business should be looking to cut out paper all together, however, this is sometimes a goal which is hard to achieve. For those times where the only option is to print, then why not use post-consumer waste (PWC). This product is made entirely from the paper we place in our recycling bins, and uses 45% less energy to be created. Additionally, if it is possible for you to print on a double sided paper, then you would be  reducing your output by half. This all important switch is so easy to make and can change the out-going landfill waste of your company. So make that switch now!


Family at the Hogsback Festival of Trees
2. Switch those light bulbs!

This is a step which can be done at your own convenience. Once your office light bulbs are depleted, instead of purchasing the same old light bulb, make the change and replace it with a compact fluorescent (CFL) or an LED light. This is also an economically driven change as these light bulbs last considerably longer (20-something years) and therefore saving you money. LED lights can also save your company up to 70% of its energy output. LED’s are the future! So grab yours now!

Family at the Hogsback Festival of Trees
3. Become part of the plastic bottle revolution! #BanTheBottle

One of the best habits to get into, in the 21st century is to ban the plastic bottle you buy everyday! Make sure all your employees have access to a reusable bottle in which they can fill up every day! For a marketing technique you could even add your business’s logo to this and it can be displayed for all to see. Did you know that 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills everyday? It is common sense to make that change and use a reusable bottle everyday, as you can reduce waste and promote your company at the same time – definitely a win-win situation!

Family at the Hogsback Festival of Trees
4. Get involved in your community

To achieve a ‘green business’ one must encourage their employees to volunteer within their community. This step can be the most rewarding as you can build relationships within your community to better the lives of those around you, and ultimately, your own. By becoming a donor or sponsor to a charity based organisation, you can give your time to help an organisation which needs it most. There are many ways to achieve this, even by starting small you can make the biggest of differences.

Family at the Hogsback Festival of Trees
5. Go green…

…And we mean literally! Make your office green by adding plants to every window sill you have. This not only creates a relaxing and serene working environment but also has benefits for your health. For example, plants absorb airborne pollutants and emit healthy negative ions, and of course, oxygen into the air. Here in the Greenpop office, we lead by example and we are surrounded by plants and pots on every window sill and desk… this certainly adds to the green atmosphere!

Family at the Hogsback Festival of Trees
We hope you take these five small steps in your stride and adapt them into your workplace and hopefully change the way you live and work for the better! You never know, by encouraging those at work to change their habits, you could indeed be influencing a new household into acting green. So take charge now!

Greenpop Foundation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation. Registration Number (NPO): 151-411 NPO.