Luxurious Leisure Meets Eco-Friendly Living, With MØN Exteriors​
MARCH, 2024
By Nick Findlay
Getting your hands on some comfy and tasteful outdoor furniture is essential for any homeowner who takes pride in their Sunday braais. While MØN Exteriors offer nothing but the best, they prioritise sustainable practice and prove that you can have both fashion as well as function. We couldn’t be more proud to have such a positive driving force behind the Treevolution and a part of the Greenpop family.
Whether you’ve just moved into your bare-boned new place and need to decorate, or you’re looking to spruce things up in the lounge at home with something that’ll really pull the room together, furniture is an integral part of the process. The manufacturing procedures and resources used to produce various sofas or coffee tables are frequently overlooked, with aesthetic value generally being the deciding factor of decor. However, furniture retailers and exterior curators, MØN Exteriors, go beyond standard expectations. Utilising sustainably sourced materials and following eco-friendly manufacturing policies, they do what is in their power to keep conscious and minimise their footprint. When it comes to making your stoep sustainable and slick, MØN is one of the best in the business. 

A Partnership Forged by Furniture and Fynbos 

With sustainability being one of the core values and defining characteristics of MØN Exteriors, crossing paths with Greenpop somewhere along the line was inevitable. Beyond their own environmental consciousness and independent ventures to keep things green, MØN chose to partner with Greenpop in 2022 and has been a consistently supportive and inspiring member of the Treevolution ever since. 

fynbos, MON

“[…] many of our ranges incorporate the use of FSC-certified Timber in their design, so we felt it fitting that we partner with a local organisation that is involved in reforestation projects, such as Greenpop.”

In both setting the standard, as well as taking action, MØN goes above and beyond, with conservation and restoration intrinsically connected to each and every piece they have to offer. They pledge trees for our Forests For Life programme, with a percentage of all their sales devoted towards supporting the initiative. MØN Exteriors has planted a stellar 1229 trees with us – a massively impactful contribution. It is the involvement of partners like MØN that make it possible for our reforestation initiatives to survive and thrive and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support.

“Our Team members are incredibly proud of the fact that we donate to Greenpop – we are a family-owned business and our leadership is passionate about nature and the environment. To be able to give back to an organisation that does work in the way that Greenpop does is important to us.”

modern furniture, MON
Sleek but Subtle 

MØN offers a wide range of high-end outdoor furniture, various indoor pieces and decorative accessories, that are all strikingly elegant. Following a theme of simple but sophisticated, MØN’s carefully curated array of products are consistently eye-catching and true to the identity of the brand. With over 20 years of experience, this family-owned company’s eye is well-informed and fuelled by an evident passion for modern design. 

“Our leadership has been in the business of outdoor furniture curation and import into South Africa for over 20 years – that’s a wealth of knowledge and experience that can’t be beat. We are fortunate enough to work with industry leaders when it comes to innovation of design, materials and production processes – ensuring that only the best products reach our end customer.”

These outdoor lounge sets and dining room arrangements are not just made for your guests to gawk at, however, but are equally practical as they are aesthetically pleasing. MØN recognises that a couch is meant to be comfy, and sat on! Each piece of furniture and decor is intended to serve a purpose as much as they’re intended to look snazzy. Utility is a guarantee, alleviating concern for functionality as you decide which chairs will best suit your outdoor dining needs. 

modern furniture, MON
More Than What Meets the Eye 

MØN Exteriors represents a family of total furniture fanatics who follow their passion, utilise their years of experience and knowledge, and provide a unique flare to the climate of South African exterior design. They are experts in their field who set the trends, all the while making an impactful difference to the environment through their sustainable production and creation of awareness surrounding the ecological influence of furniture manufacturing. 

All of their selected items and collections are produced from ethically sourced, environmentally conscious raw materials and according to specific manufacturing procedures. MØN strikes a balance between form, function and conservation. 

“Sustainable manufacturing practice is incredibly important to us – not only do we work with suppliers who make use of sustainably-sourced materials, such as FSC-certified timbers and recycled plastics from ocean waste; our suppliers also make use of sustainable manufacturing methods which support an environmentally-conscious, circular economy. Furthermore, the facilities manufacturing our furniture ranges are safe environments with fair labour standards.” 


outdoor furniture, MON

The execution of the company’s vision exceeds expectations in multiple different ways and, from our point of view, they tick all the necessary boxes. After asking Kirstyn Verbaan from MØN Exteriors if there is a specific piece or collection that the team is particularly excited about, the strong sense of enthusiasm and pride in their work was not lost in her response. 

“Our latest range of rope and timber dining chairs are really stunning – they’re made from 100% FSC-certified Acacia wood and the rope elements of the design are hand-woven by skilled craftsmen in our manufacturer’s facility in Vietnam. The designs not only look great, but are of excellent quality with materials that stand up to the elements outdoors – meaning that they last our customers for years to come.”  – Kirstyn Verbaan, E-commerce and marketing manager at MØN Exteriors. 

We are incredibly grateful for our partnership with MØN, a collective whose work we hold to a very high regard, and we want to extend our thanks for supporting and inspiring our mission for sustainability. We are excited to have a company on board with such commendable values and we can’t wait to spread more love and trees with MØN Exteriors in the future. 

Greenpop Foundation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation. Registration Number (NPO): 151-411 NPO.