How to grow plants from rocks.
By Bera
Urbanscape has invented plant growing medium from rocks to help plants grow.
You must have rocks in your head. Landscapers put a lot of thought into soil mediums and soil types – from sand, loam and clay soils, but rocks, unless it’s a rock fig, are not the ideal substrate to be growing plants in. Unless it’s BERA Urbanscape Green Flocks made from super absorbent fibrous wool.
Mineral-rich wool: Urbanscape Green Flocks
Mineral-rich wool: BERA Urbanscape Green Flocks

How BERA Urbanscape Green Flocks are made from rocks

Yes, Urbanscape heats volcanic rock to form an absorbent virgin rock mineral-rich wool. It feels a lot like a sponge. The material is all natural, with no added artificial chemicals or binders. It comes in three different shapes and sizes: flocks, cubes and rolls depending on use.

How BERA Urbanscape Green Flocks works in your garden

BERA Urbanscape Green Flocks are easy to use. One bag of flocks covers 15 m2 of garden, whether its for crops, veggie gardens, flower beds or tree planting.

Mix a few flocks to the soil medium next to your planting hole and plant normally.

“Mix a few flocks to the soil medium next to your planting hole and plant normally.”

Benefits of BERA Urbanscape Green Flocks

BERA Urbanscape Green Flocks are environmentally-friendly and have Cradle-to-Cradle certification.

1) Reduce irrigation and watering in garden

By adding BERA Urbanscape Green Flocks to your planting medium you can save up to 50% water. Just like a sponge, the flocks absorb water, increasing the water retention in the soil. Which is great for cities, like Cape Town, suffering from drought.

2) Volcanic rock is rich in minerals

The volcanic rock is naturally high in minerals suitable for vegetation growth. Have you ever seen the new growth after a volcano has erupted? The flocks cause an explosion of new growth due the minerals being absorbed by the plant’s roots. By using the flocks, you can also reduce fertiliser use.

3) Increase air pockets in soil substract

Lastly, the flocks increase air pockets in soil creating space for root growth. Air in soil benefits the plant on multiple levels. Earthworms and good microbes need air function. Worms and positive bacteria play an important part in soil ecology and therefore plant health. Plants also absorb air via their roots. The roots can grow into the flocks.

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