Party with the Planet in Mind: Green Guide to Parties


MAY, 2016

By Chrissy Beluk

Here at Greenpop we love a good party! Whether we’re celebrating a birthday, rocking out at Reforest Fest, or planting trees during Arbor Month, we love getting together with friends, music and good food. Check out these simple tips on how to throw a rockin’ sustainable soirée that your guests will remember for years to come.

Get the Word Out

Instead of sending invitations in the mail, invite your guests using Paperless Post or create a Facebook event. This reduces CO2 from the mail service and eliminates paper waste. Inviting guests who aren’t tech savvy? Look into creating upcycled envelopes to send or better yet, hand deliver if they live nearby! After all, community’s all about knockin’ on your neighbours’ doors!

Get creative with your decor

Decorations bought from the store require a lot of energy to manufacture and are made with dangerous chemicals and materials that can’t easily be recycled. Here are decorations you can make (and reuse) with the materials right from the recycling bin.

  1. Create bunting, garlands, and wreaths out of recycled magazines
  2. Flowers from the garden not in bloom? These beautiful bouquets can be made out of old newspapers, cardboard, and other recyclable materials you may have lying at home 
  3. Popcorn garlands are fun and easy to make – plus you get to snack while you work!
  4. If you aren’t feeling very crafty, find some unique items from thrift shops or antique stores for centerpieces

Serve your food sustainably

When possible, use cloth napkins, reusable cups, plates, and silverware instead of plastic. Or consider investing in disposable, biodegradable flatware. Then again, you could always serve finger food and get rid of silverware altogether!

Cook Seasonally

Head to your local farmer’s market to see what is available when planning your menu. Get creative and don’t be afraid to try new recipes. Better yet, have a potluck and encourage everyone to bring a plant-based dish and the recipe. Eating local, in-season, and plant-based is really a great way to decrease your carbon footprint – plus it’s easy and delicious.  Don’t forget to compost your leftovers.

Enjoy some fresh air

Spending time outside is the perfect way to (re)connect, so take your party outdoors! Have a braai or get a picnic vibe going! Set up yard games and blankets to top off the eco-friendly evening!

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