INTERVIEW with Tracy Hutcheon
By Pierre
In an interview with Tracy Hutcheon we gain insight into her life.  Also we look at the work she has done in relation to the Fynbos for the Future project. By fundraising to support planting outdoor classrooms, she has raised enough to sponsor one plant day. She is a shining example of a Greenpopper in action!
Tracy’s passion toward the outdoors and nature continues to inspire. By getting to know more about her we hope to encourage others!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am an outdoors person who loves movement and being among the trees! I love to get my hands dirty and inspire others to be joyful in nature.  Protecting the environment, exploring the unknown and adventure sports are my passions. I try to work and play in nature whenever I can.


How did you land up involved in ReUnion Yoga & Meditation?

Having attended yoga classes in studios all over the world, learning various different styles, always with the intention of de-stressing from study and work. When I first moved to Cape Town in 2015, I was practicing at different studios all over the city, but I only found my home once I discovered ReUnion and the teacher training that Jim Harrington offers there. I have found this particular style of movement effective for everyone – you can use it to profoundly shift energy and emotions and help you take on every day challenges.


Are there any prerequisites for someone looking to join ReUnion Yoga & Meditation?

Just show up, drop in, it is as simple as that! If you have any major health issues or injuries it’s a good idea to get to class early and to tell the teacher in advance so that they are aware.  No two yoga classes are the same, so I recommend you take advantage of the week long “new faces” offer to try out different classes over the course of a week and then see what fits with your schedule. If you stick with it, you will reap the rewards in terms of health!

Tracy riding a bicycle in nature

How do you address environmental challenges?

Our environment is rapidly changing because of globalisation and climate change. I try to be mindful as a consumer and spend my money wisely on ethical products. Instead of buying a car and fuel, I try to cycle where possible and car-share.  If I have to travel by plane I donate money that goes directly to tree with an intention to offset damage, although it is better just to plant trees plus not destroy the environment in the first place.


How was it that you first got involved with Greenpop?

I first heard about the Festival of Action in through a friend. Greenpop are one of the best NGOs in Africa for their environmental work and I really do enjoy the people who work with Greenpop and love the passion they live with.  I have been involved in Greenpop’s tree planting festival in Eden and in raising money as an activist twice through sponsored hiking.

Tracy posing beside a wheelbarow

Why did you choose to fundraise for the Fynbos for the Future project?

We raised money to plant trees in an orphanage in Phillippi in 2016 which was a huge success and I wanted to do something again with children. Unfortunately the drought in Cape Town has meant we all have to stick to consuming only 50L of water per person per day.  I was captivated by Greenpop’s determination to still educate and take part in urban greening in the face of the drought, with fynbos instead of trees which don’t require intensive watering. It’s more than just Fynbos, it is about the education and helping children to live in an environment that is more free from stress. Hopefully they will take that into their adult lives and care for the planet.


What did you do to raise money for this project?

I personally asked people to sponsor me for hikes I was doing around Cape Town on Table Mountain and in Jonkershoek. I am part of the Mountain Club of South Africa, and a few other members joined in, hiked with me and donated money.  We hiked through fynbos and I started discussions on the work Greenpop are doing and why. People were really generous and supportive.


May your legs take you far, your words influence many and passion be contagious. Thank you for all you have done, you are Treemendous!

To follow in Tracy’s footsteps all you need to do is follow the link below and strive to make a difference. It is that easy!


Greenpop Foundation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation. Registration Number (NPO): 151-411 NPO.