“We have planted more than 200,000 trees over the last 13 years, but what makes me more excited than the trees are the thousands of hands that have helped us plant them.”

We cannot do the work we do, without the support of dedicated staff members, consultants, interns and volunteers. Learn more about our team, and the skills that they bring to our organisation on a daily basis.

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Greenpop our team


Co-Founder & Managing Director

Lauren is a co-founder and the Managing Director of Greenpop. With a passion for people, Lauren spends her days inspiring individuals from all walks of life to be active citizens and get active (not anxious) about the future of our planet.

Jeremy Hewitt - Greenpop


Co-Founder & Board Member

Before he was the award-winning South African folk musician Jeremy Loops, Jeremy Hewitt co-founded and managed the finances for Greenpop. Today, Jeremy lends passion and power to the project from afar and inspires his thousands of adoring fans to tread a little lighter.

Eitan Stern - Greenpop


Board Member

The founder and director of Legalese, Eitan is a practising attorney with a background in commercial and entertainment law and tech entrepreneurship. Eitan has worked with sectors across the board, from creative, advertising and media, to educational, non-profit and technology industries.


Greenpop our team


Co-Founder & Managing Director

Lauren is a co-founder and the Managing Director of Greenpop. With a passion for people, Lauren spends her days inspiring individuals from all walks of life to be active citizens and get active (not anxious) about the future of our planet.

Greenpop our team


Co-Founder & Executive Director

In 2010, Misha gathered like-minded individuals to plant 1000 trees in a month and hasn’t looked back since. When he is not planting trees, you can find him doing wheelies on his bicycle or sprinting up Table Mountain.

Greenpop our team


Programme Director

After earning a Master’s degree in Development Studies, she joined Greenpop in 2014. When she is not heading up programmes across Sub-Saharan Africa, you can find her tending to her garden, practising Italian, and searching for the best pizza in the Mother City.

Greenpop our team


Urban Greening Project Manager (GFG & FFG)

After earning his BMus from Stellenbosch University, Deon worked toward his PGCE and spent the next few years teaching in South Africa and the UK. In 2017, he moved back to Cape Town and joined Greenpop’s programmes department.

Greenpop our team


Events & Individual Giving Manager

Claudia landed in South Africa seven years ago and fell in love with the land and its people. With a strong belief for experiential living, after many years of living, working and cycling all over the world, Claudia is with Greenpop helping create impactful experiences.

Greenpop our team


Communications & Marketing Manager

Jessie has a B.A. in Film & Media Production from the University of Cape Town and is passionate about all things content creation.

When she is not in the office, you’ll find Jessie thrifting, experimenting in the kitchen or snorkeling and exploring Cape Town’s beautiful coastline.

Greenpop our team


Partnerships Manager 

Michaela studied Geography Environmental Studies and isiXhosa at Stellenbosch University, she also has a PGCE and an Honours Degree in Counselling Psychology.

Michaela believes that planting trees, spreading understanding and appreciation for our natural world, and dancing under the stars with beautiful humans has got to be some of the best ways to spend one’s time.

Greenpop our team


General Project Manager

After earning a Master’s degree in Geology from the University of Cape Town, James spent several years working in climate change consulting, before coming to join Greenpop on the front lines of restoration. When not in the office, James can likely be found trying to pick up heavy things or belting out show tunes.

Greenpop our team


Operations Coordinator 

Shiara holds her honours degree in Development Studies and a deep love for the environment. She hopes to actively contribute towards an empowered, curious and compassionate society through her work in various fields. Shiara also loves to hike, eat, travel and explore new things.

Greenpop team


Urban Greening Project Manager (HGZ) 

Chris is driven by his reverence for nature and personal mission to seed a regenerative culture. Chris now applies his experience in agroecology, and ecosystem restoration, to the urban landscape as Greenpop’s Urban Greening Project Manager (HGZ).


Irene Olwoch - Team Greenpop


Finance & Accounting Consultant

Irene completed a finance intership with Greenpop in 2015, before starting her career as a Qualified Chartered Accountant. She now runs her own firm, Remote Controller, helping businesses (just like Greenpop) get our finances into tip-top shape!


Greenpop interns


Fundraising Intern

Kelly is our Fundraising Intern from Cape Town. Kelly has just spent the last few years studying towards a BSc degree in Conservation Ecology at Stellenbosch University. The Renosterveld has a special place in her heart.

“I’m passionate about all things sustainability-related, from gardening and exploring sustainable agriculture to urban planning design and simply enjoying the outdoors. Plants make me happy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love everything else found in nature and all our connections to it. Looking forward to helping out on Greenpop projects in the future!”

Greenpop team


Creative Writing Intern

Nick is our new Creative Writing Intern who will be joining Greenpop for the two months surrounding the Reforest Fest. Nick studied Media and Writing as well as Environmental and Geographical Sciences at UCT.

“I’m thoroughly captivated by and enthusiastic about writing, with a passion for the outdoors and all the fruits that it has to offer. I’ll take any opportunity for a spontaneous long weekend camping expedition or a road trip up the coast.

Being able to combine two major interests of mine in virtue of sustainability and spreading environmental awareness is something that fills me with immense excitement and pride, I couldn’t be happier to be working with Greenpop.”

Greenpop team


Events Intern

Pascale is our new Events intern who joined us in February this year, all the way from Germany! Pascale has spent the last 1.5 years travelling in South East Asia, Australia and South Africa.

“Forests have always been my happy place (no matter where in the world I am) and I’m so excited to be working with Greenpop to spread awareness about the importance of forest conservation and get more people to be as excited about seeing a tree as I am!”

Greenpop team


Communications & Marketing Assistant (Intern)

Zotha is our new Communications & Marketing Assistant, bringing a burst of creativity to our team. She is currently studying through UNISA to obtain her teaching degree, and has a passion for content creation, social media, and making the world a better place.

“Joining Greenpop wasn’t just a career move; it’s a heartfelt choice driven by my genuine love for the environment and people. I believe in making the world a better place by shedding light on global issues through social media. #BrightGreenNews is more than a hashtag; it’s a commitment to positive change.

What makes my journey with Greenpop even more exciting is being part of a team that aligns with my values and passion. I’m beyond happy to be part of this incredible team, contributing to the #Treevolution and a world where people and nature thrive together. Let’s create something amazing together! “

Greenpop Foundation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation. Registration Number (NPO): 151-411 NPO.