Rise to the Challenge!



By Misha O’Dale (Nee – Teasdale)
Tree – E – O

Now more than ever, do we need to have the mindset of a revolution.

We need to take our personal power back and realise that equality for humanity and the environment is so far from a political story. What we need is fundamental shift outside of our economic and political understanding. Globalised new age economics continues to drain the people and planet of its resources while making a fractional minority massively rich. People are pissed off. Can you blame them? We cannot wait for the perfect setting or for the perfect leadership to align with the stars and all of a sudden things will become right. We are primed. Now is the time.

I’m not surprised Trump became president. He is only a manifestation of the disease that the world is experiencing. Blaming Trump is just a bandage for the issue at hand. When the majority of the supposedly free world feel disenfranchised and have lost faith in the way things are, any change seems appealing.

People wanted change, the Clinton campaign didn’t promise change the way Trump did – despite what that change means. Perhaps it’s a case that the world in certain terms needs to hit rock bottom before we as a global community are able to sufficiently see the light and take the necessary steps forward to shift our consciousness to a place of love, acceptance, inclusiveness, a world where we can live with relative ease and free from pain.

Between the voting in of Trump on Wednesday and vote of no confidence called for of Zuma on Friday, it is easy to become disillusioned, powerless, and even scared about the future realities. All the negativity can create a debilitating effect. The reality is now more then ever do we need to be consolidated: a oneness as humanity. I don’t believe that rallying against the powers that be will be of any solution. These riots are the outbreak of the unheard. Removing ourselves from cynicism is critical if we want to move forward. The reality is that we need to be playing a different game, a citizen led game where our thoughts, our words and our actions resonate stronger and louder then what bad policy, political mismanagement, racism, authoritarianism, abusive bullying behaviour of the leadership status quo. Many of these big men would rather watch the world burn before they start to shift their self interest. There is no time and there is no way we can allow this to happen.


“We don’t have to be perfect humans, but we do need to be active humans, and we need to know how to fight our battles by changing the way we play the game.”

Gather yourselves together, shift your agenda to a place focused on making this world better. We don’t need to change the world, we do need to change our own worlds. The world directly around us. Because the more we shift each and every element of the way we live and the way we influence, the more the ripples spread and the more we can create the waves of change needed.  We don’t have to be perfect humans, but we do need to be active humans, and we need to know how to fight our battles by changing the way we play the game. We have no time for bystander syndrome. Regardless of what skill or energy you bring to the table, bring it.

Outside of all this there is hope. Now more than ever we have inspired individuals, grassroots organisations and whole nations rising to the challenge. People are making use of social media, traditional media and protest more than ever. Mainstream entertainment is allowing for the dispersal of facts and action plans, which is waking up the world to what is critical for our survival. “Less is more” is becoming more sexy than ever. Innovation and solutions to multitude of problems is where new business is going – renewable energy is now finally cheaper than coal and nuclear. And on the 4th of November, the Paris agreement finally came into effect. It’s an ambitious plan to bring greenhouse gas emissions down – albeit we have already passed the 400ppm

Our job is to shout louder, to green deeper, to hold on to what we know is right and true for the better of our humanity and not waiver on our moral or ethical standpoint. We will activate more communities, drive forward our inclusiveness, and encourage the brilliance of the minds around us to shine and forge sustainable pathways forward.

There is no quick fix here. This is not going to be a walk in the park (although I do encourage regularly spending time outdoors). We need to manage our personal energy and happiness and know that this will better serve for the long run. When we all play our part in shifting the faith, the thinking, the conversation, the being and the doing – the needle will move, it has to.  

All good things take time.


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