Travel & Conservation With Go2Africa
MAY, 2024
By Nick Findlay
The rich natural beauty of the numerous landscapes that the African continent has to offer is undeniable. While facilitating curated and luxurious journeys through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, Go2Africa recognises the need to protect and sustain the very environments that nourish our souls. With the help of Greenpop, Go2Africa has created a recipe for environmental appreciation and consciousness. 

Greenpop and Go2Africa – Partnering For Impact

With ecological conservation at the very heart of Go2Africa’s core values, joining forces with Greenpop was simply a match made in heaven. The partnership kicked off in 2022 with Go2Africa showing their support for one of Greenpop’s longest-standing Forest Restoration initiatives – the Forests For Life project – as a newfound pledge partner. They also got their hands dirty in one of our previous Urban Greening projects – Fynbos For the Future, a program which has since been replaced by Gardens For Good

Go2Africa has shown consistent support of our work to the present day, with their significant annual pledge. They have also displayed eagerness to get stuck in with us in the garden during our Gardens For Good garden days, where we plant indigenous and waterwise gardens at undergreened schools in Cape Town. The immense enthusiasm to get involved in any capacity they possibly can, speaks volumes about their mission to give back.  

“We wanted to partner with a Cape-based organisation that valued communities & conservation, someone that was aligned to our values, especially collaboration!”

Since the beginning of the partnership in 2022, Go2Africa has funded the planting of 1110 trees, a truly extraordinary contribution towards both Greenpop and the mission of environmental sustainability – a massive feat accomplished in just the span of 2 years. It is because of relationships like these that we can bring our vision to life and we couldn’t be happier to have one of the most renowned and talented safari specialists by our side. 

“We pride ourselves on our partnerships, our approach is personal, and we take great care of each and every one of our relationships. It was important to us to find someone we could collaborate with in this manner.”

Travel & Trees

The Go2Afruca team seen planting fynbos in our Garden for Goods project. Image source: Go2Africa

Take the Trip of a Lifetime 

With over 25 years of experience in safari coordination and developing ecological knowledge of Sub-Saharan Africa, Go2Africa is one of the continent’s top travel specialists, with multiple awards under their belt. Go2Africa ensures the most fulfilling, financially efficient and tailor-made experience possible, always going the extra mile to ensure a strong grasp on your itinerary and possessing a collective, fundamental know-all of your destination. Their level of expertise is rivalled by no other travel organisation on the continent. With a team entirely born and raised in Africa, they ensure that every cent of the money spent on each safari stays within Africa, so you can rest assured that you are working with those who care and who want to bolster tourism efforts on the continent.

go2africa safari

Go2Africa radiates a palpable passion for the magnificent wildlife and surroundings they plan trips around, which is equally as strong as their level of expertise. This genuine love for the African outdoors oozes into their desire to create the ultimate, unique experience catered to each and every curious traveller.  

Without our people, we wouldn’t exist. We have a genuine concern for our people, and their well-being, we treat each client uniquely and we have personal relationships with our suppliers and projects. Our reputation of 25 + years precedes us. We believe in investing in our teams to develop ourselves and to pass on our knowledge; ‘we know because we go’.” 

Whether going on a game drive is at the top of your bucket list, a distant idea that may just slightly tickle your fancy or even a regular holiday activity, it is safe to say that your expectations will be exceeded, whatever they may be. Go2Africa is where the environment and community is cherished, understood and protected.

go2africa safari giraffe

Sustaining the Serene 

Indulging in extravagant vacations generally leads to environmental compromise and disruption that often goes unnoticed. Go2Africa has made it their mission to respect, sustain and nurture the same landscapes, wildlife and natural phenomena that they so proudly show off. While travel is the name of the game, making a positive impact is the driving force. 

We care deeply about Africa’s sustainability, and are invested in protecting communities, wildlife, fauna and flora. Greenpop helps us achieve this in the Western Cape.” 

Through several different means including community upliftment programmes, various ecotourism initiatives, and wildlife conservation funding, Go2Africa is active in the move towards a more sustainable future for the populated ecosystems and vast, lush plains of our home. Recognising the opportunity to uplift and empower through travel has allowed Go2Africa to make a tangible impact, inspiring us to no end.

Just as we write this, Go2Africa is working on a number of different community and environmental upliftment projects, including: “Carnivore Conservation in the Kruger, Removing barriers to education for Maunga Village Primary school in Zambia (classrooms, meals, health, stationary etc), Deforestation & human-wildlife conflict solutions for both communities & conservation areas in Zim, and Education diploma sponsorships in Tourism & Hospitality in Kenya & in Tanzania.”

Greenpop Garden for Goods Day

The Go2Africa team engaging with the school children at Mountain Road Primary, during a garden day with Greenpop. Image source: Go2Africa 

A Big TREEmendous Thank You

Being able to work with organisations that share the same core values is not only what enables us to do what we do, but fills us with excitement and drive to push the Treevolution to new heights. Thank you Go2Africa for your involvement in our numerous programmes, the impact you have made so far, and for the amazing work you do. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. 

“Live Life Well” From the Inside Out

“Live Life Well” From the Inside Out

“Live Life Well.” What images does this phrase bring up in your head? Greenpop and Wellness Warehouse revamped Reforest Fest’s Food Village with a focus on sustainable, ethical, local, and seasonal produce.

Greenpop Foundation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation. Registration Number (NPO): 151-411 NPO.