Why Trees?

Our planet wouldn’t be home without them.


Forests cover one third of the earth’s land mass & perform vital functions around the world.

They play a key role in our battle against climate change, feed our rivers, help to regulate the impact of storms and floods, harbour biologically-diverse ecosystems, and provide shelter, jobs and security for forest-dependent populations. Within our cities, urban forests purify the air and ground water, regulate temperatures, provide shade, and encourage pride of place.

Trees make life possible.


Put simply, trees promote life. Not only do trees produce oxygen and sequester carbon dioxide, they also provide homes for animals, recharge groundwater, replace soil nitrates, prevent erosion and more. The addition of an indigenous tree to any environment will have countless environmental benefits.


In South Africa, there is huge disparity between ‘leafy’ privileged areas and ‘barren’ under-privileged areas. Urban greening improves pride of place in communities and has even been linked to reductions in social ills, like crime and drug abuse. Additionally, research shows that living in a green neighbourhood reduces stress and aids recovery from illness.


Money does grow on trees! Fruit and olive trees can provide produce that can be used in feeding schemes or sold by schools and communities. Indigenous trees increase property values and can provide natural air conditioning for homes and classrooms.


Planting a tree is an incredible symbol of hope. It symbolises a belief in the future – of our communities and our planet. It brings people together – with each other and Mother Nature. It is a living, breathing gift to the generations to come.

How do we grow sustainably?


At Greenpop, we see our beneficiaries as partners in our mission and aim to empower them to maintain and grow their urban greening and reforestation projects over time.

Prior to any trees being planted, Greenpop undertakes a careful site selection process to ensure that communities take ownership of their projects. After the trees are in the ground, we maintain an ongoing relationship with our beneficiaries through weekly check-ins, frequent face-to-face monitoring of their projects and bi-annual skills development workshops.

Greenpop has also recently launched our Satellite Projects Programme which aims to support independent like-minded projects in South Africa and Tanzania that are working towards our shared goals of urban greening and reforestation.


We believe in encouraging people to get active (not anxious) about the future of our planet. As such, turning green action into an event is at our core.

Whether we are hosting a corporate group on a facilitated tree planting day on the Cape Flats, a tree planting and music festival for 500 people in Africa’s southernmost forest, an educational sustainability camp for a school group or a clothing swap evening at our office – we aim to get people active by making green living fun and popular.

For those who cannot attend our events, we have a strong online presence and regularly create and share content aimed at inspiring a greener lifestyle. On our 5th birthday we launched The Active Citizen; a bi-weekly newsletter which encourages our global audience to get active for themselves, their communities and the planet.

Every R1 invested in tree planting can yield R2 to R5 in economic returns.

It’s a solid investment; trees in urban and forest settings provide some of the most valuable eco-system services in the world.

Here are three ways you can help.

Give R120 and sponsor a tree for a community that needs it.


Do something awesome to raise money for trees.


Give your time and skills to further our mission.


Greenpop Foundation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation. Registration Number (NPO): 151-411 NPO.

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