Join our team of active citizens and help drive the Treevolution!

Greenpop is a social impact business but it also represents a way of life. The energy and passion cultivated though Greenpop spreads far and wide with each new treevolutionary that joins us. While we work hard and focus on tasks at hand, we know how to have fun and enjoy the time we spend together as a team. Our aim is to create an ethical and green standard that resonates with all involved and helps create a fun and enjoyable, informal working environment.

You can join the treevolution  in several ways:

  • Volunteer for a day
  • Volunteer for 2-12 weeks in Livingstone
  • Volunteer/intern for 8+ weeks in Cape Town


Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Greenpop organizes nursery days and open plant days a couple of times a year for those of you who are not available on a full time basis, just want to do a few hours of community service or volunteer for a day.

If you want to join us on one of these days, sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter The Active Citizen. We’ll announce in there when we can use an extra hand at our nursery or on planting days and how you can join.

Or join us on Facebook (Greenpop) or Twitter (@GreenpopSA) to be informed about events, planting and nursery days.


Location: Livingstone, Zambia

Greenpop has been active in Zambia since 2012 and we run an ongoing volunteer programme in Livingstone, Zambia, in cooperation with African Impact.

  • In the morning, you will assist with capturing data on tree monitoring missions, education workshops at schools on a wide range of topics, including the importance of trees and their natural environment, and on how they can play an active role in preserving it. Part of the environmental workshops is the promotion of solar cooking and using rocket stoves.
  • In the afternoon volunteers attend several community development projects, for example farming, building and construction, reading club, art club, adult literacy club, Maramba old people’s home or after school clubs.
  • You can join this programme for 2-12 weeks.
  • Minimum age: 17

For more information and bookings: please check out this website or contact African Impact (US: 1 800 606 7185, UK 0800 098 8440 or INT +27 87 751 3977).


Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Students, new graduates or experienced practitioners get the opportunity to be part of the day-to-day running of our dynamic start-up social enterprise. Being a bunch of “YES” people, we always seem to have more opportunities coming our way than we have time to tackle. Our interns and volunteers are an extremely valuable part of our ability to get lots of good stuff done, and we’ve been told we offer good guidance, valuable experience, fun and a great work environment too – it’s WIN, WIN!


We have different volunteer and intern positions available in different focus areas – some are office based and some are out in the field. Our office team all take turns to go on planting days and work outdoors at our nursery now and then – keeping connected to our core work (and to nature) keeps us sane. And our Cape Town office is pretty cool too!

Urban Greening Internship – You’ll learn a lot about trees and life in under-greened areas, you’ll visit schools, capture data, help plan education workshops, check trees and assist with reports.

Nursery and Horticulture Internship – You shouldn’t be afraid of physical labour and getting your hands dirty as you’ll be working at the ‘heart’ of Greenpop in our nursery. You assist with preparations for planting days, develop and improve our nursery, learn about permaculture and take care of our trees.

Communications and Marketing Internship – You’ll learn that we communicate a lot at Greenpop (it’s hard to shut us up). You’ll be posting on our social media, manage databases, research for interesting content, assist with rolling out and managing of campaigns and project and draft press releases, emails and blogs. Good English writing skills are a must.

Graphic design Internship – You’ll learn the value of design can really translate into social change. You’ll work closely with our Partnerships & Communications Department designing banners, logos, posters, graphics for campaigns, events and online media using Photoshop and Illustrator. Experience is required and a small assignment can be part of the application procedure.

Event Coordination Internship – Typically an internship if you like to juggle many balls in the air at one time. You’ll help us plan and coordinate the programme and logistics for events, liaise with partners (e.g. suppliers, catering, performers), prepare sustainability reports, set up and strike for productions, assist with sound stuff and more. Please tell us about your experience in project management, coordination or working at events.

[Currently Unavailable] Finance Internship – You’ll assist our Finance manager in the daily financial/administration tasks like updating of accounting transactions in our software, managing petty cash & card function, capturing transactions and reconciling and setting up budgets, and other spreadsheets where needed. Experience and/or education in accounting is a must.

[Currently Unavailable] Office & Shop Internship – You’ll assist and support our office manager in any way to keep the office, the shop (and us) going and POPping, so you will divide your time between running the shop (located elsewhere in our building) and administrative/general office tasks.  So if you are you good at multitasking, like to interact with people and are a person who always likes to get things done,  let us know.

Tailor-Made Internships – We also work with people who have different skills or experience to the above. In this case, we place people on specific projects where particular skills are needed. We’ve done education projects, social enterprise strategy, market research and more.

What you need to bring:

  • Depending on the focus area, you might require certain experience and skills
  • A good command of the English language
  • A laptop
  • Team spirit: we regularly organise and attend events that take place after hours. As a member of the team, we will ask you to assist with these events as well.

And just a few notes:

  • Our internships and volunteer jobs are unpaid
  • Our internships require a minimum commitment of 8 weeks on a full-time basis (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm)
  • You can start every first or third week of the month
  • Our programs run all year round, except for 2 weeks in Dec/Jan, when our office closes.


We’re excited to offer detailed information on our internships and expert assistance through Roots Interns, a Cape Town based organisation that provides work placements at non-profits and social enterprises in Southern Africa. Our friends at Roots will answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process, should you like to apply to join us. Feel free to browse their website to find your ideal internship, or give them a shout at [email protected].

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