Make a contribution to help compensate for the impact of your flights, and help us restore forests!

On an individual level, carbon offsetting compensates for the impact you make in your daily life. This usually means offsetting the impact of your travel choices. Since early 2006, carbon offsetting has become a popular way to give back to the environment. There are benefits, but often this simplified view can prevent the search for real solutions.

To date, Greenpop has planted over 200,000 trees. These trees are certainly sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Yet, we have decided not to be an official carbon offsetter as yet.

We still welcome the support of tree planting as a means of carbon “compensation.” This allows people to acknowledge that trees have huge potential for climate change mitigation. And also shows that trees do far more than sequester carbon.

STEP 1: Select how many trees to donate

Calculating the carbon absorption of a tree is a complex process, based on the tree species, location, growing conditions, climate and other variables. Thus at Greenpop, we encourage our partners to donate whatever they can to compensate for the impact of their travel, instead of trying to offset their whole trip. Every tree makes a difference!

1 tree = R150 / $8

STEP 2: Buy your tree certificate

Select our standard ‘Trees for Travel’ certificate or choose a certificate from one of our partners below. Each certificate can be personalised and features the GPS coordinates of the forest where your tree(s) have been planted!

STEP 3: Request a Tax Donation Receipt

Greenpop is a registered NPO & PBO in South Africa and can issue Section 18 A Tax Donation Receipts to individuals and companies in South Africa. Complete the form below to request your tax receipt.

Greenpop Foundation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation. Registration Number (NPO): 151-411 NPO.