Planting For a Greener Tomorrow With DHL 


AUGUST, 2023

By Paleni Iyer

When we join hands, change is possible. The work we do to restore ecosystems and empower environmental stewards, would not be possible without the partnership and support of companies like DHL Express SSA

Connecting hands to leave a positive impact on the natural world is at the core of what we do here at Greenpop. Nature-based projects not only have the power to restore ecosystems but also reestablish our interconnectedness with nature.

Alongside environmental work like forest restoration and urban greening being enjoyable ways to give back to nature, they help reboot the natural ecosystem. When we come together to take action, change is possible, which is why our partners and sponsors are a pivotal part of making our work possible.

We teamed up with world-renowned logistics company, DHL Express SSA. DHL remain conscious of its environmental impact and strives to make a greener impact through its business practices. Working with organisations like DHL makes our mission to restore ecosystems and empower environmental stewards across Sub-Saharan Africa possible.

With the partnership, support and resources from DHL Express SSA, the impact of reforestation becomes even more effective and, more importantly, sustainable. We can also tackle the challenges that arise with reforestation work much more efficiently such as landscape management, climate change adaptation, natural resource management and more.

“Connecting People. Improving Lives”

As a world-leading logistics company with over 600, 000 employees in 220 countries, DHL is using these four important trends within their industry: globalisation, digitalisation, e-commerce and sustainability. The company believes that sustainability is an urgent priority across its business and is actively taken steps to clean up its operations and minimise its emissions.

DHL also actively focuses on decarbonisation on many levels and has committed to reducing all logistics-related emissions to zero by the year 2050. The DHL Group will invest €7 billion in climate-neutral solutions over the next 10 years to support this commitment.

DHL and Greenpop Malwai Mulanje

A DHL Express SSA staff member on the planting site in Mulanje, Malawi – January 2023.

DHL strives for a balance between ecology, economy and society. Their primary purpose is to connect millions of individuals worldwide while ensuring that they operate in a less harmful way to the natural environment. By doing so, DHL sets an example in the industry as they are also known to be the first to commit to a zero-emission target.

“As the most International Company in the World at DHL we see conversation as a key priority with respect to ensuring that we limit our impact on society and the environment through a focused approach on managing and reducing waste of resources that would negatively impact our society and the world at large”

 – Anthony Becker, Vice President Network Operations & Aviation: DHL Express SSA

By committing to sustainability, they focus more on their values and core purpose, “Connecting People. Improving Lives”. DHL follows a sustainability roadmap with three key commitments: environmental protection, social responsibility, and good governance.

As previously mentioned, DHL is working towards being a zero-waste company by 2050, and to attain this goal, they have set a Greenhouse Gas Emissions target for the year 2030. With the necessary funding (€7 billion) they will be able to implement the use of 80,000 e-vehicles. Now that is a significant amount of positive change to work towards a sustainable future!

DHL has taken various steps to transition into a more sustainable company. These include: leveraging energy from renewable resources, using sustainable fuel on their vehicles, providing customers with full details on carbon emissions associated with their deliveries, and so much more!

Joining hands for a greener tomorrow

The partnership between DHL Express SSA and Greenpop started in 2010 and it’s been growing ever since. In 2022 DHL Express SSA joined hands with us to help restore forests in Mulanje, Malawi, alongside the Mulanje Mission Hospital. To date, they’ve donated and planted 12,000 trees in the area, and this project is empowering and uplifting the community residing within the forest. 

DHL and Greenpop Malawi Mulanje

Planting 12,000 trees in Mulanje, Malawi, with DHL Express SSA, in partnership with Greenpop and the Mulanje Mission Hospital. 

Read the full report on this project here.

The project focuses on restoring land through natural regeneration management and, where needed, active planting of indigenous tree seedlings. The project also promotes sustainable forest management through the continued management of community tree nurseries and training on community-based natural resource management, improved cookstove technology, and forest beekeeping.

Watch this video showcasing the work done with DHL, The Mulanje Mission Hospital and Greenpop. 

“As our core business activity relates to logistics it is pivotal that to meet our conservation mandates that we seek partnerships with subject matter expert organisations like Greenpop who have a long and established track record in the delivery of sustainable and community-focused projects predicated on primarily community-led engagement and participation in managing their own outcomes – we are very proud of our association with Greenpop and the results our partnership has delivered.” 

– Anthony Becker, Vice President Network Operations & Aviation: DHL Express SSA

We are so grateful for the partnership and support of companies like DHL Express SSA, who help make the work we do to restore forest ecosystems possible. We look forward to planting more trees with DHL in future.

Greenpop Foundation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation. Registration Number (NPO): 151-411 NPO.