How to Turn your Car into an Eco-Friendly Vehicle
By Mattea Jacobs
One of the most significant contributors to harmful greenhouse gasses is transportation due to the burning of fossil fuels. Nowadays, innovative inventions like the hybrid car and the electric vehicle make it possible to decrease these harmful gasses that come from driving.
However, because of the high price tag on these cars, among other reasons, hybrid or electric vehicles are not yet dominating our roads. Therefore, for those who cannot or do not want to make the switch to electric or hybrid, there are a few things one can do to create a more eco-friendly vehicle.
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Do Not Leave Your Tires Under-inflated

The best way to make sure your tires are in the best shape is by checking them every month. Under-inflated tires can get worn out quicker which will result in them ending up in the landfill before their time is up. Another good reason why you should not be driving with tires that are not inflated sufficiently is that they make your engine work harder, meaning more fuel-use which leads to more pollution.

Usually, the suggested range of tire pressure is indicated on a sticker on the inside of the drivers’ door. An air compressor gauge can help you fill your tires to the correct amount. Another option is to purchase eco-friendly tires. These type of tires are made from synthetic materials which are friendlier to the environment, they improve gas mileage and last longer.

“help to decrease the pollution that comes from vehicles”

Do Not Carry Extra Weight in Your Vehicle

The heavier the load in your car, the more power is needed to pull the weight. While one can not decrease the weight of the vehicle itself, you can make sure that you are not driving equipment or other things in your car unnecessarily. Things like a spare wheel, jumper cables, an emergency kit are always recommended to leave in your car, but unless you are not going to the golf course that day, it’s better to leave the golfing clubs at home.

Decrease the Use of Air Conditioning

When turning on the AC, you increase the strain on the electrical system which makes the engine work harder, and therefore more fuel is being used. With rising temperatures, it makes it difficult to resist the air conditioning button, but try only to use it when indeed necessarily. A well-maintained air conditioner will also increase its efficiency.

When driving slowly through town, the cold breeze from rolled-down windows might be enough to cool you down. Things like parking in the shade will also have your car feeling less warm when you return. You could also change the interior material of your vehicle to something that will give your vehicle a cooling effect.

Be Cautious on How You Fill Up Your Car

Some cars have an emission canister which prevents the vapors of fuel leaking into the air. If you over-fill your vehicle just a little bit the liquid fuel is forced into the canister which reduces its effectiveness. When you overfill your tank, you also increase the risk of spilling fuel, and this will then evaporate into the atmosphere. It is essential to make sure your fuel cap is tightly screwed on and better for the atmosphere if you do not top off your tank.

Keep Your Car Well Maintain

Not only is regular tune-ups important for a car’s lifespan, but it will also help your vehicle to use fuel more efficiently. It is always a good idea to perform a tune-up at least once or twice a year. For example, it is essential to keep the filter of your engine in good condition, because if it is dirty, the engine has to work harder which pulls more fuel. Therefore, things like spark plugs, the driver, oxygen sensor and oil filter need to be well maintained to ensure proper performance and less emission.

Final Thought

It is no secret that the cost of fuel is rising which makes the cost of owning a car a substantial monthly expense. By using some of these methods to make your vehicle more eco-friendly, you are not just practicing an eco-friendly way of living and contributing to the Earth, but you contribute to your wallet as well.

The possibilities of more affordable inventions making way to the market are bright, which will help to decrease the pollution that comes from vehicles. An improved, eco-friendly transportation system is another possible solution to our toxic driving problems.


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