Bring your team, class or group on a tree planting day.


Get your hands dirty and get rooted in South African culture.

Partner with Greenpop to plant trees at under-greened schools, churches, and other community spaces. We’ll pair your team up with a pre-assessed beneficiary and hand-in-hand you’ll learn how to plant and care for trees, growing communities and a legacy of love for the earth.

Benefits of planting trees.


Put simply, trees promote life. Not only do trees produce oxygen and sequester carbon dioxide, they also provide homes for animals, recharge groundwater, replace soil nitrates, prevent erosion, remove air pollution and more.


In South Africa, there is huge disparity between ‘leafy’ privileged areas and ‘barren’ under-privileged areas. Urban greening improves pride of place in communities, has even been linked to reductions crime, drug abuse and stress.


Money does grow on trees! Fruit and olive trees can provide produce that can be used in feeding schemes. Indigenous trees increase property values and can provide natural air conditioning for homes and classrooms.


Planting a tree is an incredible symbol of hope. It symbolises a belief in the future – of our communities and our planet. It brings people together – with each other and Mother Nature. It is a living, breathing gift to the generations to come.


“Thanks for an informative, interactive and meaningful experience! And for the great connections we made… Something both the youngsters and adults will remember!”



“The best form of sustainable tourism I’ve seen.”



“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to meet and spend time with these kids. It is amazing and so fitting that they will get to benefit from our contribution today.”



2017 Pricing

10 Person Group

R7 600
  • Includes:
  • Our 2-year monitoring and evaluation programme
  • Facilitation for a group of 10 people
  • 20 indigenous trees and everything needed to plant them
  • 10 water bottles for your group

30 Person Group

R14 200
  • Includes:
  • Our 2-year monitoring and evaluation programme
  • Facilitation for a group of 30 people
  • 30 indigenous trees and everything needed to plant them
  • 30 water bottles for your group

Want to learn more?


Greenpop Foundation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation. Registration Number (NPO): 151-411 NPO. 

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