You can host a bake sale.

You can dye your hair green.

You can teach yoga.

You can give up birthday gifts.

You can run a marathon.

You can throw a party.

You can challenge your colleagues.

You can sell Christmas cards.

You can host a dinner party.

Our activists have done some incredible things to raise money for Greenpop. What will you do?

Starting a project is easy.

Decide what you want to do.

You could ask for donations instead of wedding gifts. Or, pledge your birthday. Or, shave your head. Have an idea? Start now

Or, you can join the Greenpop athletic team!

Or, raise Trees for Fees for the Zambia Festival of Action!



Set up your activist project.

Create an activist project on Givengain in support of your selected campaign. Add a fundraising target, a deadline, and some photos and extra details to make your project POP!

Spread the word about your project.

Send personal emails to your friends and family. Tell everyone you know in person. Use your social media to spread the word. Don’t forget to share why this is important to you and keep everyone posted on your progress and milestones.

Download our fundraising resources.

Anyone can become an activist.

Kelsey Vlatkovich

Kelsey started a blog to raise money for trees.

Raised: R31,114

Lani Florita

Lani activated her social network to raise money for trees.

Raised: R27,542

Bernie Theron

Bernie is cycling through 11 African countries to raise money for trees.

Raised: R1,910

Thokozile Mcopele

Thokozile asked for trees instead of birthday gifts.

Raised: R9,480

Rosie Bruce

Rosie hosted a concert with her dad to raise money for trees.

Raised: R13,380

Michaela Strachan

Michaela raised funds in honour of her 50th birthday.

Raised: R7,650

What will you do?

Help us plant trees, grow gardens and educate for action across Southern Africa.

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