Insurance With a Green Difference – The Naked Difference



By Jessie Leverzencie

Insurance is, if you think about it, very similar to sustainability—both desire to protect, conserve and preserve. Digital insurance platform, Naked Insurance, provides insurance with a difference —The Naked Difference— and at its core a mission for social impact and a better, more sustainable tomorrow. Alongside Naked, Greenpop are restoring ecosystems and actively striving for a better world for people and planet.

For years, social impact has been seen as the ‘icing on the cake’ for most businesses. But times have changed. We live in an era where goodness and social impact should be baked into the core of any business. The Naked Difference does just that.”- Sumarie Greybe, co-founder of Naked

What is the Naked Difference?

The Naked Difference shares money left in the Naked claims pool at the end of each year with causes chosen by customers. Greenpop is one such cause.  This is not a traditional CSI initiative, but a new business model where customers benefit from a company acting in their best interests and serving the greater good of society.

“In the traditional insurance business model, the insurance provider earns more profits when it pays less in claims. This leads to mutual distrust between insurance companies and their customers because of the conflict of interest it creates,” says Sumarie Greybe, co-founder of Naked.


Because we are transparent about the flat fee we earn and do not profit from money left in the claims pot, customers know they won’t need to fight to get a valid claim paid and they get to enjoy being part of something that makes a difference in the community.” 

Naked x Greenpop

Naked Insurance was founded in 2016 and has revolutionised the way insurance is done. They joined Greenpop as a donor in 2020, and since then have made a donation towards our programmes.

In 2020 the Naked Difference went towards our Family Food Gardens program, where Greenpop alongside Urban Harvest taught community members how to cultivate their own vegetable garden pod and worm farm. This in turn, not only with food security, but also sparked entrepreneurship. This year, they donated a whopping R115 212 to Greenpop’s Urban Greening work through their Naked Difference program. 

With this donation, Greenpop will be planting water-wise and indigenous gardens at under-greened schools across Cape Town. We will also be able to educate students, teachers and ground staff alike about the importance of preserving the environment, as well as the wonders of the Cape Floral Kingdom. 

The Naked Difference

“Right now, we’re linked with 12 different causes, all doing amazing stuff to make South Africa better. We’re talking about everything from getting vital cancer treatment for kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it, to helping homeless folks find steady jobs, rehoming abandoned dogs , and also establishing play-based education groups within informal settlements.”Naked Insurance


Photographer: Juliette Bisset

It is through the generosity of companies like Naked, and their customers, that the work we do is made possible. By aligning their values towards a mission for sustainability, Naked has revolutionised the way insurance is done and the way it is perceived. Thank you Naked for your ongoing support – we look forward to continuing our environmental restoration work with you in the future!

“Live Life Well” From the Inside Out

“Live Life Well” From the Inside Out

“Live Life Well.” What images does this phrase bring up in your head? Greenpop and Wellness Warehouse revamped Reforest Fest’s Food Village with a focus on sustainable, ethical, local, and seasonal produce.

Greenpop Foundation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation. Registration Number (NPO): 151-411 NPO.